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tv   On the Money  ABC  January 24, 2016 7:30am-8:01am EST

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is 7:31 on the sunday morning and you are waking up to sunshine. it is the calm after the storm. larry: the snow is gone in the wake of 2016. autria: you made the right choice sticking with us. we have the largest stormwatch team. we have been on the air nonstop since friday afternoon.
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an impressive group of people who have worked an impressive amount of hours. >> that was a fun game to play yesterday, play the match game. name as many reporters as you can. i work with them. . i have an advantage autria: we want to get started with some school closings that we already have. the university of maryland, which was supposed to start the spring semester on monday will be closed instead. school districts have not yet announced their plans for tomorrow but i would not be surprised if your kids get another snow day. be sure to sign up for our school closing text alert to find out the minute that your school is closed. you can go to our website. at the power outage situation, not nearly as bad as officials had feared.
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pepco now has four outages. bg any reporting about 16 outages. has not been nearly as bad as that. now vince morris of pepco is now on the phone with us. i've been talking here all morning. it's amazing. >> you have eight, six right now. >> good morning. we are delighted. like everyone in the region we braced for the worst given the size and scale of this storm. we successfully kept the lights on. that.l really good about we have been investing in a ton of infrastructure and it paid off. of this was clearly again things did not develop in terms of the wind. the high wind that we thought they would. that certainly helped. what other things did you do to
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prepare for this will stop >> that turn out to be a success for you. >> some of it is we just got lucky. the snow is a lot lighter and fluffier, and i would even say gentle. we thought that we would get a heavier snowfall because of the weight. that worked in our favor for sure. millions ofsted dollars in the last few years on our reliability. we want to reduce the length and duration of outages and the frequency. that's how we are measured. we have invested a lot of resources and we thought it up. in addition to the tree trimming, we have literally done 9000 miles of tree trimming. in addition to that when we replace or heaters, will upgrade our substations, in different parts of our region. we do that in part because when we get hit by a storm, we are
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much more likely to keep the power on. or if it goes out, to keep -- to get it back on quickly. autria: as we move forward now and there will be thawing and the temperature hits over the evening hours, are there any concerns moving forward? >> there definitely is. we are not completely out of the clear. the sun is out and that is great but we have been telling people to stay off the road. power doess, if the go out -- we had a situation yesterday where the power went out at leisure world. it was a top priority to get that back on and we were able to get their very likely. but we need the roads cleared. we are asking people, don't get in your car and drive today. let the road clearing continues so if we do have an outage because of re-freezing were car hits a poll and takes out -- it's out power, our crews can quickly get to the site and restore power.
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>> a multitude of reasons for folks to get out and staff the roads as we get the cleanup underway. next well we have you on the phone, though six people that are pepco customers, they all got their power. so pepco is now reporting zero outages. >> thank you for that update. i didn't even realize. everyone will be able to watch the nfl playoffs. >> priorities. our appreciation to all of the effort made by your cruise during the blizzard. >> that's fantastic. and what a great story to be able to say that. to have a plan put in place for the money and we take it for granted until it hits us. that is outstanding and a nice update. at abc 7 you learn things. eileen whelan for the latest.
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was one ofw, that the most epic plaza ever seen. i have a beat in my head right now. mr. golden sun, won't you ♪ine down on me has anyone heard the song? do you know it? make sure i and not crazy. maybe i am crazy for singing on live tv. there is that plow. it's a monstrosity. all of the snow flying all over the place. mad props to all of the crew, mad props to this guy. josh green in walker's bill maryland just chilling out there, maybe you are a little crazy. i'm sure that was not the first glass of wine because i was bundled up sitting outside
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earlier and i was quite cold. thanks josh for sending that in. look at that awesome snowman looking like they are having fun. michael o'connor sent this one in. big snowman. i have seen so many images of young kids that the snow is as tall as them. quinn wiley or willie i can barely see over the snow. keep sending the pictures in. and one other thing i do want to show you is the seven-day forecast. the snow is out, we have sunshine today noticed temperatures over the next few days are going to be above freezing. during thee the fall day and the re-freeze overnight and that cycle will continue. one chance of precipitation will be tuesday with just a little bit of rain. when you are outside today, make sure you have the sunglasses on. down onthat sun beaming
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the light snow and it will blind you. larry: it's true. autria: josh might be hoping for a beach day, but things are not going well at the beaches this morning. >> that storm system bringing in feet of snow but on the coast of different story. >> we were getting pummeled with all that snow across our region, coastal areas in maryland delaware and all the popular beaches that we frequent as well as all the way to the dirt -- jersey shore dealing with flooding. alex liggitt bringing in this one. you can see major beach erosion from that storm all the way up there to the coastline. , little bit further north these unbelievable images, take a look at this video here. look it all the flooding. the water is going well past the beach on the streets right up to the storm fronts were others beach condos are. condos as well.
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a state of emergency in the garden state. chris christie took time off from campaigning to be in his state and deal with all of this and a lot of these folks just got things rebuilt from superstorm sandy. now they are dealing with all of the flooding as well. that blizzard has impacted millions of people, but not many could see this angle of the storm. has is that blizzard that hobbled our area from outer space. this would give you an idea of the magnitude of this storm. you can see some of the lights and then they are completely blanketed. >> if you're planning to fly, unfortunately will not be able to. at dulles and reagan are closed again today and now they have started to cut service on monday. there is a major snow removal
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going on right now but the ripple effects will certainly take a while to clear up. >> this is a storm that will have residual effects not just here but around the country as airlines have to reposition planes to get passengers where they need to be, to rebook them onto flights. we will be feeling this for a number of days. check with airlines, find out if your flight is going before you head out to get to an airport. larry: flight cancellations for monday and all airlines. morning, flight aware city can expect the number of cancellations to increase. autria: monday may not be great. if you want to see what goes on behind the scenes in commercial break, we have an anchor cam set up here in our studio and it stays on well we are in commercial. log onto our website to check the live stream and we will be back right here in 2.5 minutes.
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larry: right now, we are taking a live look outside. it's a good thing letting all the crews go there and do their and seebegin to dig out if we can get back to school and work tomorrow or maybe tuesday. we were talking about the possible record snowfall from 1922, the knickerbocker storm. sidea: on the right-hand of your screen, these are the crews as they continue to plow 270 in maryland. we had the spokesperson with the maryland highway this ration earlier saying that they are in the process of reopening 270. we will keep that on your screen so you know when it is back open and ready to hit the roads. >> i have to say that i am
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mesmerized by those pictures. it is illuminating the trees. such crazy to see snow-covered roads. the temperatures are below freezing. there is going to be a lot of ice. it will be very compacted and it's going to be quite some time at least of the next few hours before that sun really starts to help melt things. we have a lot of snow to melt. record-breaking snow as larry was just mentioning. bwi closing in on 30 inches of snow. we have pretty much surpassed a good bit by three inches from the snowstorm in 2003. i would to show you dulles's top snowfall recordbreaker. and the all-time record was 32 inches. nothing toches is shake your head over. washington, d.c. at
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reagan national, we are tied at number four for the most snowfall on record since records began in the 1940's with 17.8 inches of snow. tying that record from snowmageddon. we will have a good it of sunshine today. picture you have your sunglasses on you will definitely need them. temperatures will be above freezing but that sunshine is really going to be helping us to melt. that's what i'm trying to say. as the melting process begins, we will get that melting through the day and through the nighttime hours, temperatures will drop below freezing so he will be dealing with a lot of that black ice for those of you wondering about school, we will be monitoring the developments. i'm sure that a lot of school will be canceled tomorrow. i don't thing we heard of districts yet but i'm sure they will be coming in throughout the day so you will want to stick
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with us like you have been. julie, just looking at those roads, it is pretty remarkable. they've been doing phenomenal. but back to your sunshine son. the only sunshine song i know is from "arrested development." eileen: this is going to be a chopper. they are hovering above the what appears to be 270 right here in rockville trying to make your way up exit eight which would be shady grove wrote. are on 270, again, we strongly suggest you not be out there because these crews the the time to get out and work. go, theher north you worst it goes, they have been working overnight and this is what it looks like right now. that's why we say give them extra time to get out on the
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roads. there, you're basically in the way and hindering progress. if you want to get wherever you need to go, stay off the roads and let these crews do their thing. you can see we have some plows out there and crew out there with not only the plows but the snowblowers. that is pretty much what it is looking like all over town. let me show you what we have elsewhere. this is what it looks like on 95 in virginia. you can see some pavement there. d.c. looking better on the southbound side than the northbound side. south capitol street headed across the douglas bridge. the potomac bridge still dealing with slick spots this morning. i guarantee you it will be black ice. back to you.
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in mobile carter is track right now out on the roads and we have seen the difference in how well the roads are today compared to yesterday. >> it really depends where you are driving. you just are julie talking out to a seven. a closer look from the ground approaching father hurley. you can see snow packs are still all over the ground here and we're coming up on one of those clap -- plows. we have trucks trying to go around as the plow driver is trying to get the snow onto the side. there is another truck and something else to warn people about, get the snow off the top of your car. we keep calling it a snow mattress. get that off your car. that is dangerous for people on the roads. we have crews here that just opened it little while ago. here is the reason that they want you to stay off the road.
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have cars stuck in the snowpack and that big mound of snow. they will try to toe this guy out because he is stuck trying to get from the local lanes into the mainline. we have seen him driving on 270 north that there are a number of clear exit pathways from the main roads to those exit ramps. not to be able to switch to those local lanes but one pathway to get you to the exit. conditions, closer to the split at the beltway. the more ice and snow that we see on the road, the more crews we see as well. let them do their job they still have a long way to go. >> on what to talk to john townsend now joining us on the phone with aaa. how are things on the roadways? >> we are still telling people to stay off the highways because
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it is critical out there. our most impossible to get through some neighborhood streets because they have not been plowed yet. >> what are some of the issues you are seeing right now on the roads? have people been heeding the advice or have you had more distress calls? >> going into the last night, we had over 1100 calls. this morning the calls have tapered off because people have not got up and out yet. but some people have. w calle only had one to this morning. 18 in maryland. but those are going to peak today because people will venture out because the storm is technically over, but it does not mean that the effects of the storm are over because we have all the snow drift and snow cover to deal with. there are people who have to go to work tomorrow so they will
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clear their cars today and try to venture out to test the roads and they will get themselves stuck and stranded. autria: so, you are preparing for the onslaught of request. as people try to dig their cars out and remove the snow, is there concern about folks dumping snow into areas that have a ready been plowed? >> one of the concerns you have to watch out for, if you are digging yourself out of your driveway, technically you should wait until the snow plow has gone by because you can clear your driveway and in the snowplow comes back and pushes it act against the driveway see were stuck again. but to have to start on the driveway today, if you have a driveway and your car is parked in it, or even if you put your car in the garage, you still have to dig yourself out. that is a lot of work. it's a lot of work to clear the car. wherever you are planning to go,
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remember to do it start well in advance and don't try to rush it will stop if you go with the snow on your car, and it comes off the car and onto your windshield while you are out on the roadway, you cannot see and that means you are prone to an accident or crash. autria: we have all seen whenever the person in front of you is driving down the road and they did not clear their car properly and you get that huge gust of snow. >> that is potentially dangerous. larry: john, always good to talk to you. we appreciate your time to stop autria: the sun -- your time. autria: the sun might be out, but it is still downright frigid. >> it is below freezing out here. it is really cold. i have been out for five to 10 minutes checking out the area. the city is coming back to life
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and the temperature is 20 degrees but it is still breezy. not nearly as windy as yesterday but cold enough that it feels like single digits. people who are getting out and venturing out the to take some frequent breaks, get back inside and warm back up because you can get frostbite, you can get injured in these conditions. the snow is everywhere. somebody is trying to drive through the intersection will stop not a four-wheel drive vehicle and they are getting stuck here. that's why they don't what you to get out today because there is still snow on the roads. not all of the lanes have been cleared and we have to get these cleared off and now we will have another vehicle stuck here. all over the place. this is a light and powdery snow. you can see how light and fluffy it is. that is one of the reasons why we did not have such big problems with power outages because we did not get the heavy wet stuff that sticks and accumulates on everything. but is blowing around today
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the wind is starting to calm down and they will calm down more throughout the day today. temperatures get in the low to mid 30's but it will feel about like the mid-20's which is all a good thing. we moved right back up into the 50 degree range. we would have a big flood problem. we'll have a little bit of free frost going on the next couple of days. we've looked out into the future and right now, we don't see anything else coming. that's the good news. we do have a little bit of a weak front tuesday which could bring some rain showers. rather than snow showers. it's one of those days we have to bundle up and state warm. the city is coming back to life and people are sent to get out and dig out. fun seeing people venture out for the first time. >> let's get down to cheryl now
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in the newsroom. you been sending in summary amazing pictures and videos. we look showing you the collection. x it so much fun. once we show pictures, i noticed that our inbox starts filling up. and jessica claussen showing us the river. look at the snow falling on the rim, that frozen river, make sure you do not walk on that. it's just gorgeous. makes resend that in. check this out. i think -- there was no description but i am guessing that this was a garage door. thecan see the imprint in snow and obviously the snowdrifts and it almost feels like in the distance that it is taller than the homes across the street. the icicles coming in from alexandria and virginia. thank you for sending those in. those look like it is about half the size of what could be just a garage there.
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just incredible. also, look at this, that's possibly a post at the end of a driveway. you would have to imagine that is about 2.5 feet to three feet tall. and this one, good luck to you. a lot of these people will be dealing with something like this. we will be collecting these pictures and join you again next hour. larry: stay
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>> good morning washington on your side autria:. 8:00 on your sunday morning and the sun is out, the snow has stopped and that means the digging has begun. larry: a live look on i 270. abc 7 has in with you around the clock since the start of blizzard 2016. snow totals overnight and the hangups you will deal with four days as we clean up for this storm. , --ia: the good news is that littered watch -- that blizzard watch expired. now it is time to start digging. eileen: make sure as you are going out and doing that big that you are using your legs, proper techniques that we have


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